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“You reach out your hand, and the power of your right hand saves me.”

Psalms 138:7 NLT

My depression has been winning a lot lately. The overwhelming feeling of failing and not know what to do picked me apart, and I become consumed in guilt, regret, and darkness. I’ve done my best to keep going, but today was my lowest of low. I had made it home from work, changed into PJs, got into bed and fell asleep. Now I’m awake and regret it. I could have studied. I could have made a home cooked meal for my family. I could have had real conversations with my little ones and my husband, but my mind was deep underneath the dark, cold waters. I couldn’t swim to the surface. I’m drowning. Here I am now trying to make sense of what I need to do, and then I hear this part of me that seems to be buried under all the rubble say, “Tomorrow’s a new day, just take it a breath at a time.”

Breath Mia, breath…